Different life forms require different environments to prosper.

All life requires a source of energy.

Humanity has been busy transforming many environments to support more people, and in the process has produced a lot of toxic waste that has altered many environments for many other organisms.

We have also introduced many organisms to environments where they had not previously existed.

To extend the variety of life we need to reverse the toxic effects of our activity and remove the wastes (and the unwanted imigrants) we have dumped into the environment. Doing this will require energy and technology - this project can produce both in abundance.

This project also opens up vast new possibilities for life by giving us access to the vastness of extra-planetary space, and the huge amount of energy that leaves the sun and by-passes the earth.

In space we can create habitats and environments to mimic anything on earth and to create conditions and life that have never previously existed - limited only by imagination.
Mass to construct these habitats can come from the moon and from asteroids and comets.

For those worried about the potential dangers of technologies like genetic engineering, space has the advantage of giving complete isolation between habitats.